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Time Management eLearning Training Course

Our Time Management eLearning training course will help you become more efficient and effective in your work and at home.

Do you want to be productive and get more done with the time you’ve got? Learning to manage your time more effectively will help you to become more productive and get more done.

Learn the skills behind time management online at your own pace with no access expiry.

Time Management eLearning Training Course
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Time Management Course – Details

Course Aim

This Time Management eLearning training course will raise awareness of where your time goes and provide the skills necessary to manage time more effectively.

By making some simple changes to how you do things and using a few different tools to help stay on top of things, you will begin to get more done in your day.

Course Objectives

By completing this time management eLearning training course you will:

  • Understand the way you think about time and how it affects the way you manage yourself
  • Have a range of tools to help stay organised
  • Be able to identify personal time-wasters and how to remove them from you everyday work
  • Be able to prioritise tasks and workload to ensure you are working on the right things
  • Know how to delegate effectively
  • Be able to stay on top of emails and your inbox

Course Content

Here’s what we cover in our time management eLearning training course:

What is Time Management?

  • What time management is and isn’t
  • How do we manage time

Changing How We Think About Time

  • Challenging our mind-set
  • Understanding time isn’t the enemy
  • Looking more positively to the things we have to get done

Where Does Your Time Go?

  • What takes up your time
  • Who takes up your time
  • How to deal with both of the above

Time Management Toolkit

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Effective to-do lists
  • Prioritisation
  • Calendars
  • Apps and tech that can help

Goal Setting

  • SMART objectives


  • Why delegate, what to delegate and who to delegate it to
  • A delegation process

Managing Your Inbox

  • Organising emails
  • Reducing emails
  • Inbox zero

Other modules may be added in future. As your access never expires, you can come back as and when they are released to do them.

How it Works

Our online eLearning courses are delivered via our eLearning Platform, which is part of our virtual and online training services Skills Garage.

Our platform is easy to use, available via all devices and clear and easy to follow.

Our platform has a social element. This means that you can discuss the course and subject with others who are taking the course. This also includes our trainer to.

Once you sign up you access is instant. Your access never expires so you’ll be able to come back and view any new modules that get added to the course.

An eLearning training course is a self-directed, learn at your own pace training course. Once purchased, you log in to our eLearning course platform and access the course modules. These are a mix of videos, articles to read and exercises and activities for you to have a go at.

There is no access expiry, so once you purchase the course, you can take as much time as you like to work through the content. You can also take the course as many times as you like.

Our eLearning platform works on any device that has a web browser and connects to the internet. You will find it works on desktop PC’s, tablets and mobile devices.

As there is no access expiry, you can come back and re-do the course as many times as you like. That means you can access any new updates to the course too.

You can find more details about attending our time management training course in person on our time management training course page.

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