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Going Green

We love our planet and we want to do all we can to protect it.

Here are the steps that we are taking as a business to reduce our impact on our environment.

We always look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We published our Going Green Promise in January 2019 and have been taking active steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Our Going Green Promise

Here’s how we believe we impact our environment and what we will do about it.

We have to travel to most locations to deliver training which increases our carbon footprint

  • Travel by train where possible
  • Avoid repeat journeys by staying over where a course spans more than one day
  • Car share if at all possible
  • Walk or use busses and other public transport to move around towns and cities

The business will support the above actions by covering the full expense of train tickets

Producing training materials and other exercises uses paper, power and ink

  • Only use recycled paper and card
  • Compacting the content of workbooks to use less paper and ink
  • Invest in higher yield cartridges to reduce the empties
  • Recycle cartridges and the components of un-used materials
  • Print in larger batches to reduce the amount of packaging required to send materials to trainers
  • Use cardboard packaging rather than plastic
  • Promote the use of digital solutions to access materials and report back to head office
  • Source energy efficient equipment
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork that is required to be returned to head-office in favour using more digital application

Our day-to-day office activities uses power and produces waste

  • Use re-useable bottles and coffee cups rather than disposable
  • Use the recycling bins provided in the building
  • Take advantage of our local council recycling scheme to recycle as much as our waste as possible
  • Create a paperless working environment
  • Opening windows and limiting the use of heating to control the temperature rather than using the aircon units
  • Switching off lights and other electrical equipment when not in use
  • Source and use energy efficient electrical equipment

Our Progress

Jan 2019 – All monitors and printers replaced with energy-efficient alternatives. All waste is now recycled. Empty printer cartridges are recycled with a local company

March 2019 – Full integration of our CRM system into business processes means that everything can be done in the cloud. All documents are saved in this one location and no longer require printing. All contracts are digitally signed, invoices emailed, and printing is completely minimised.

June 2019 – Workbooks and other materials were redesigned to be more compact, reducing print.

November 2019 – Full integration of Microsoft Teams to further reduce paper waste and encourage more digital communication

March 2020 – In response to COVID-19, working from home is now the norm. More training is delivered virtually.

May 2020 – Completion of My Revolution Learning and Development – our online portal that provides our team, clients and delegates access to all course information, digital copies of materials, completion of risk assessments and course registers and certificates. If all clients used this, we would have no requirement to print any course materials in the future

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