Cookie Policy

Here are some details on how we use cookies on our website.

We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. A cookie is a small file that sits in your browser that interacts with our site and with some 3rd party providers that we use.

A cookie can hold certain bits of information about you, and under GDPR laws, you have the right to block these. You will have been asked if you consent to these cookies being used. If you haven’t consented or declines, then these cookies are not currently being used.

You can manage the cookies in use on this site by clicking here

The cookies we use and how we use them:

Matomo – An analytics programme that helps us to track visits to our website, how people interact with pages and where they go on our site. The cookie captures IP address data in order to track returning visits. We mask part of the IP address in our database in order to anonymise this information. The data is held in the UK.

Intercom – Our messaging programme (the green circle in the bottom right). This cookie allows us to save conversations so they are always there when you come back to the site. Some basic information such as your IP address are sent and stored by the software operator, Intercom. If you sign up for our site, use the messaging system or add your email address to it, this information is stored at Intercom and not in the cookie. This data is stored in the US.

Booking System – Our course booking system contains 3 cookies that save cart information until you checkout, pick up and changes in the cart and track checkouts. The cookie stores a unique reference number to identify you. None of your personal data is stored in the cookie. This data is held in the UK.

Zoho PageSense – This cookie allows us to view how visitors interact with our site and the pages that they visit, links they click on, how long they spend browsing pages and how they move around our website.

If you notice that part of our site is not working, it may mean that one of the above cookies is required to use it.