Why Complete Performance Appraisals and Reviews?

Performance appraisals have been part of business for a very long time, but as businesses become leaner, for many the appraisal has lost its impact or is no longer completed at all. Appraisals may be seen as a time waster, adding no value.  It might be seen as a process that created dead time as … Read more

How to Make Appraisals More Engaging

It’s coming around to that time of year again where many organisations are preparing to carry out appraisals.  But, has the process lost its value in your business? We’ve had many conversations with people who we have worked with and it seems that a high percentage of organisations are not using the appraisal process to … Read more

Conducting Effective Appraisals – Do Your Appraisals Just Tick the Box?

Performance Appraisals form part of many organisations push to drive performance, but have they lost their appeal?  Have they just become a tick in the box exercise?  Are they just done because the have to be?  Are they no longer driving performance? The thing is, Appraisals are perceived to be a long drawn out process … Read more