Leading a Team You Were Once a Part Of

Hi, it’s David here from Revolution Learning. In my career I think one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do is to take over a team that I was once part of. I was reminded of this recently after talking to a delegate in a Leadership skills training course that I … Read more

The Foundations of Leadership

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an effective leader? With the requirement to have so many different skills and behaviours, it can be really tricky to understand. To help simplify this, we’ve put together a simple model that helps you understand what’s required of an effective leader. We’ve called these the Foundations … Read more

5 Sources of Power in Organisations

American sociologists John French and Bertram Raven published an article titled ‘The Bases of Power’. Its basis was to classify the power in organisations. In the article they identified 5 sources of power and how they are used by leaders in organisations. The 5 Bases of Power in the Raven and Bertram article were: Legitimate … Read more

Richard Branson’s 10 Rules for Being a Great Leader

Embed from Getty Images Sir Richard Branson has had a 40 plus year career and is a self made billionaire. But, what’s the secret of his success? In his new book ‘The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership‘ Branson sets out his his top 10 rules of being a great leader. These rules have kept him … Read more

Team Management Roles – PAEI Model

To create a successful business you need a good management team. Having a good mix of managers leads to greater success as you can draw on different skills and behaviours to get tasks done. But how do you create a successful management team? It’s a difficult question to answer as we all view each other … Read more

Teamwork – Lessons From Geese

Geese demonstrate some great examples of teamwork. They show some simple but highly effective teamwork principles that we can use in both our business and personal life. Geese work well as a team to achieve a common goal. They work together to help and support each other and these principles provide the basis of a … Read more

Mintzberg’s Management Roles

Mintzberg’s Management Roles describes the different roles a manager or leader has. Managers and leaders have to carry out lots of different tasks. This means they have lots or roles to carry out. You may find yourself dealing with conflict in the team, having to motivate team members to be more productive, negotiating with senior … Read more

Management By Wandering Around (MBWA)

Gone are the days when managers and leaders can sit in their office dealing with the day to day tasks they need to do and not taking note of what is happening outside. Managers and leaders that do this tend to communicate with their team by email, delegate tasks by outlook and only talk to … Read more

Are You Making These Leadership Mistakes?

Leading people is a difficult job. You probably have lots of tasks to manage, deadlines to meet and requests from your team to deal with. Alongside that you have to ensure that your team performs to the standard you and your business expect. Because you have all of these things to deal with, the last … Read more

Spaces available in Chelmsford/Essex on our Leadership Skills Course

  Have you just been promoted into a Leadership position and lacking a bit of confidence in how to get the best out of your team? Perhaps you’ve been in a Leadership position for some time and are thinking about a bit of a refresher or some new ideas to engage your team? Then why … Read more