5 Sources of Power in Organisations

American sociologists John French and Bertram Raven published an article titled ‘The Bases of Power’. Its basis was to classify the power in organisations. In the article they identified 5 sources of power and how they are used by leaders in organisations. The 5 Bases of Power in the Raven and Bertram article were: Legitimate … Read more

How to Influence Your Manager

We often tend to think that because someone is our Manager we shouldn’t do anything to sway their decision making process.  We might know some better ways of doing things, but hierarchy gets in the way. Leaders today should welcome suggestions and ideas of how to do things better, and also should be open to receiving feedback … Read more

Diagnosing Behaviour

Attitude and behaviour can be funny thing and in the past we have written a handful of blog posts about how to become more aware of your own attitude and behaviour, but moving on from that, can leaders and managers actually influence the attitude and behaviour people display, both positive and negative? There are probably … Read more