Types of Customers and How to Deal with Each

Different businesses will see different types of customers. This will depend on whether you are a business to public organisation or a business to business. Each customer is an individual. They will all have different needs and wants and they will all have different expectations. If you think about yourself as a customer, some days … Read more

Customer Service Behaviours – Take Your Service Up a Notch

They are central to any business. Get it wrong and you’re in trouble. Yes, we’re talking about your customers. Here are a handful of things that you can do to take your service up a notch. Delivering customer service is first and foremost about attitude. Having the right attitude towards your customers is incredibly important. … Read more

Customer Service – It’s the Little Things

In September last year I wrote a post about the low cost airline Ryanair. In the post I wrote about an announcement Michael O’Leary had made at their AGM where he said that Ryanair would be reforming it’s abrupt culture. You can see the post here. Well, it’s now been almost a year since that … Read more

Live Chat Support Best Practice

Many organisations today are using Live Chat systems as an additional channel for customers to contact them through. It’s quick and easy, agents can deal with many chats at the same time and it saves businesses lots of cash but, it cans also cause significant damage if not conducted correctly. Live Chat software providers make … Read more

Providing Good Customer Service Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

At it’s annual meeting recently, budget airline Ryanair announced that it will be reforming it’s ‘abrupt culture‘. The decision was taken after a number of key stakeholders expressed concerns about how poor customer service was hitting sales. It’s fair to say that any company or organisation who doesn’t put it’s customer at the centre of … Read more

The Case for Good Customer Service

The past few weeks has taken more well-known names away from our high street and the blame in most cases being pointed toward the internet and how our shopping habits have changed. But, is the internet damaging our high streets, or is it just damaging the high street business model? Many of us still visit … Read more

The Four Elements of Effective Customer Service

Delivering effective customer service is paramount in today’s world, with so much competition out there for the same products and services as well as people tightening their belts when it comes to spending, in most cases the service offered to customers is the difference between someone buying and not buying from you or your business. … Read more

Why Customers are Always Right

It’s a term that we hear a lot – ‘The Customer is Always Right’. Whether you agree with it or not, the likely hood is the statement is very true. They are the people that can make or break a business. They pay the money for the goods and services you offer and in the … Read more