How To Be More Positive

Having a positive attitude can have an amazing impact on your life, your work and the relationships we have with others. But, what is attitude? It’s defined at ‘a settled way of thinking or feeling about something‘. This means that it’s a choice rather than something natural. Then, the more we think that way the … Read more

Management Tips – Change Your Behaviour

Developing your self as a leader isn’t as easy as what you may think.  Changing your behaviour can be hard, frustrating and time consuming. There are though some road blocks that may exist, that i removed, can make your route to self development and improvement easier: Be Patient – Don’t expect to see results immediately.  Yes attend training, … Read more

How to Make Assertive Decisions

Making decisions is something we all need to do at times, but sometimes we struggle to make them.  Sometimes we focus too much on the things that are trivial and small or that have little or no impact on our lives. Doing this leaves little time to make the big important decisions that really affect … Read more

Should We Put People Into Boxes?

In the years that I have been delivering training courses I have used many different models to help people understand more about the subject. Many of these models are designed to describe the way different people act and behave and the different ways in which we deal with them.  In most cases we are putting … Read more

How Am I Being Perceived?

It’s fair to say that we don’t walk around with a full length mirror in front of us constantly so we can check our behaviour.  We are not that aware of the signals we are giving off or what behaviours we are sub consciously demonstrating. Behaviour is very deep rooted.  It is driven by values, beliefs, motivation … Read more

Diagnosing Behaviour

Attitude and behaviour can be funny thing and in the past we have written a handful of blog posts about how to become more aware of your own attitude and behaviour, but moving on from that, can leaders and managers actually influence the attitude and behaviour people display, both positive and negative? There are probably … Read more