Different Types of Sales Approaches

When it comes to sales and selling, we’ve all got a slightly different approach. We all have different ideas about what works and what closes a deal and generates new business.

We’ve all been sold to and we know that certain approaches work on us and others push us away.

When we sell to customers we need to consider what our objective is. Do we want a quick sale or are we trying to build relationships with a customer and generate loyalty?

Sales Approaches

The way we see it there are 2 major approaches – hard sell and soft sell. Hard selling tends to be pushier and probably won’t lead to a long term relationship with the customer. Soft selling is much more about building relationships as selling through the relationship that you build with the customer.

Types of Sales Approaches

Solutions Selling – This approach is where the salesperson identifies an issue or problem that they are trying to solve and suggests products or services that would solve the issue or fix the problem.

Consultative Selling – This is where the salesperson uses questions to understand more about the customer, what they do and what issues or problems they currently have. The sales person then presents products and services based on what they learned that matches the customer’s current position.

The Expert – This approach uses less emotion and more rational. It means the salesperson would become an expert in their field and use this expertise to show the customer what they could do or should do. This shows credibility and can help build trust with the customer.

The Friend – This approach is definitely built on relationships. It works on the notion that people buy people first. We buy from people who we like. This approach focuses on building a relationship and selling through the relationship. It can be tricky this approach as it has to be genuine. It’s easy to tell when someone is being fake.

While you might have a preferred approach to selling, it’s always best to mix it up a little. Try different approaches with customers until you find the one that the customer seems more motivated toward and pushed away by.

Sales Training Courses

You can learn more about sales and selling by attending one of our sales skills training courses. We have a one day Sales Skills Training Course and a Consultative Selling Training Course.

Best of luck with your sales.