Don’t Be Haunted by Your Skills Gaps

It’s Halloween!

The UK is still marching on towards Brexit and for many of us we’re still a little uncertain of what that will eventually look like. One thing is for sure, businesses will still exist in some shape or form and change is probably going to be required.

There’s no guarantee of this of course, but it’s still good to begin to think about your own future or that of your business.

If a business needs to change or to grab any opportunities presented by Brexit then it will more than likely want to do that quickly.  For this to happen they will need people with the necessary skills to hit the ground running.

Many people say that there is never a great time to get new skills.  We believe that it’s always a great time.

It doesn’t need to training courses either.  You can get lots of new skills from reading books, reading blogs and articles online, coaching, mentoring and of course training.

The trick is to find out what your skills gaps are first of all before starting any development activities.  What you need is a personal development plan.

We’ve put together a guide that will help you to build a great personal development plan, along with lots of ideas about where to go to get the skills you want or need.  Best of all, it’s completely FREE.

To get the tools, just complete the form below:

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Use the tools to identify the skills you need, complete the personal development planning exercises and build a personal development plan.

It’s usually a good idea to talk to your manager or a friend and have them help you with this. If you are a business, then help your staff out with their planning.

You may already have a personal development plan as part of your appraisal or performance management process. If that’s the case you can use the guide to ensure that your personal development plan is still relevant. You can also have a second pan that looks at your career development rather than developing into your current role.

Revolution Learning and Development Ltd can support your personal development plans by offering a range of training courses. These are run across the UK or we can come to your place of work and deliver an in-house course for group of people. You can see a list of the courses that we deliver by clicking here.

We also offer one to one coaching and our blog holds lots of articles with useful hints and tips.

Don’t get left behind. Don’t be haunted by your skills gaps. Get your personal development plan in order now.