Types of Customers and How to Deal with Each

Different businesses will see different types of customers. This will depend on whether you are a business to public organisation or a business to business.

Each customer is an individual. They will all have different needs and wants and they will all have different expectations.

If you think about yourself as a customer, some days you like to browse. You want those that are serving your request to chat and take care of you. On other days you want to be in and out as quickly as possible.

It depends on your mood and what else you have going in that day. It also depends on what it is you are buying.

Here are some examples of types of customers:

Impulse – These customers don’t have something in particular that they would like to buy. Typically seen browsing a high street or looking at on-line stores. They tend to buy something that catches their attention or what looks like a good deal at the time.

Engage and show interest – but not too much to early. Try and use question to establish what their interests are. Make it conversational and not a hard sell approach.

If you find out some useful information you can use this to show how you can help.

Make yourself available if they don’t want to talk right away. Let them know they can approach you at any time if they have questions.

Has a Need – These customers have something very specific in mind that they would like to buy. It could be driven by an absolute need such as insurance. They also may have a specific need for a particular kind of product, for example a suit to attend an event. They are in the mind-set to buy.

Show this customer what you can do to satisfy their need. Just because they know what they want, it doesn’t mean you should rush through the interaction. Remember, there is still the experience to consider. You want to turn them into loyal customers and it’s the experience that will do this.

Something to Do – These customers probably have no intent in buying. They wander into a store or look on-line for something to do – “I’m bored, let’s go to town’.

Just because you have a browser it doesn’t mean they are not a customer. It’s just they are not right now. Providing this customer with a great experience will mean they remember you and your business. When they do become an impulse or needs buyer, they will likely come to you first.

Discount – These customers are out to strike a deal. They may have a specific thing in mind that they would like to buy, but they will go looking for a deal. They want to feel as though they are getting value for money.

This customer may come across as pushy. They know what they want and they often don’t want to pay full price for it. Show them any offers that you have, but also show how other products and services that you have can also add value (even at full price).

Loyal – Loyal customers are the type that we all want. They will use a particular business because of the experience they get. In some cases, cost doesn’t come into it. They will be happy to spend a little bit more to get the experience that they want.

The idea behind offering great service is to turn the first 4 into loyal customers. AND remember, no matter the type of customer, it’s the experience they have that will keep them coming back.

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