Introducing our Bold New Look

You may have spotted that we’ve made a few changes. OK. a big change. We’ve had a bit of a re-brand.

We’ve introduced a new logo, new colours and also made a stack of changes to our website.

Why? We want our brand to really represent who we are, fun, down to earth and engaging. We want it to say that we do things in a bright and breezy way. We want it to say we’re modern and that we use the most up-to-date approaches and content we can. We want it to look fresh, stand out from the crown, bold and, well a bit – really???

We’ve also refreshed some of our main course pages. We’ve done this to make sure they work even better than they did before on all devices. We’ve also introduced Live Chat to. We’ll be gradually making this available throughout the working day. We’re currently taking a staged approach to it so we can understand more about how people will use it, then we can make sure we’re able to provide a much better service through it.

We hope you like. Let us know if you have any comments via Facebook or Twitter.

You may find a few splatterings of the old logo here and there. We’ve got most of them and you also may be viewing a cached version of the site. We’re sure to be visible and all changed very soon.