What is Time Management?

We all get the same 24 hours in every day, so why is it that some of us seem to get more done that others?

Is it because some of us have less to do than others? Is it because some people are favoured more than others in a business so therefore get delegated to less. Is it linked to how motivated we are? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, those that get more done are good at managing their time.

So, what is time management?

Time management is about being more productive. It’s about getting high quality work done in the time that is available to us.

Here’s the thing. There’s often a common misconception that time management is about using a range of tools to manage tasks. This isn’t necessarily true as time management is much more about attitude and behaviour that having the tools.

Time management is getting the most from your day by prioritising, scheduling and planning out tasks. It’s about prioritising the tasks you are working on to ensure you are working on the most important tasks and not allowing the less important or valuable tasks to get in the way. It’s about achieving the goals that you set yourself or your business sets you.

As we mentioned before, having the tools to prioritise, plan and schedule are valuable but having the right attitude is also massively important. In order to manage yourself more effectively around the time you have available your mindset needs to be right – it needs to be positive.

You also need to be disciplined. If you choose an approach to managing your time you need to stick to it – regardless of how much pressure you’re under. It’s these tools and mindset that will get the tasks you have on your to-do list done.

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