Introducing Our Best Price Guarantee

We know there are hundreds of training courses out there and costs massively vary. We work hard to check that our prices are comparable and competitive in all areas of the country.

Although we understand that the quality of the training that is delivered is the most important aspect to any of our clients and customers, we also know that price plays a big part in the decision making process of which course and provider you choose.

That’s why we’ve introduced our Best Price Guarantee.

The guarantee is simple and we’ve tried to not cloud it with too many terms and conditions. Simply put, if you find a comparable course in the same location at a cheaper price we’ll beat the price by £5.

To get the best price guarantee you should call us on 03333 444575 or contact us here with the course name, date and location and the details of the course you have found. We may ask you to send us further information after you contact us. Don’t book the course on our website until you hear back from us.

Here’s the terms and conditions:

  • The price guarantee applies where you have found a course with a similar title and comparable course objectives and content
  • The course you found must be in the same town/city as our advertised course
  • The date of the course you have found must be within 7 days of the date of our advertised course
  • The best price guarantee only applies at the time of booking and can’t be applied after we’ve received a signed booking form or submitted booking form online. We also can’t apply the guarantee to existing bookings or on transferred bookings (i.e. where an existing booking for a course has been cancelled and your booking transferred to another date, or where you choose to transfer the booking to another date). We will also check to ensure you haven’t cancelled a booking and re-booked and claiming the best price guarantee
  • If we apply a best price guarantee discount to your booking and we have to cancel for any reason, we will honour the discount if you choose to move your booking to another date
  • A written quote or link to a web page showing the course you have found must be provided before the guarantee can be applied
  • Only applicable to open workshops and not in-house workshops
  • We reserve the right to refuse a claim and our decision is final. We will provide reasons if we choose to reject your claim
  • Best price guarantee discounts will be applied to your final invoice which must be paid before the advertised course dates. If payment is not received before the advertised course date then the full retail price of the course will then be payable unless we’ve made prior arrangements with you
  • Cannot be used with other discounts that we offer. The best price guarantee price is the final price
  • Course booking terms and conditions still apply.