Tips to Increase Your Sales

Tips to Increase Your SalesSelling to customers is an art. Get it right and your business will see huge results, get it wrong and you’ll quickly turn your customers off.

Here are some quick tip to help increase your sales. They should work in any business and for any type of product or service.

We hope you find them useful.

1. Establish your customers needs – Ask questions to find out exactly why your customer is looking to buy. It’s often said that buying is emotive rather than logical. Even if this is true we still need to understand what is driving the need or the interest to buy so we know how to motivate the person to buy.

2. Link the benefits to what you learnt – Throwing every benefit your product or service has at a customer isn’t going to motivate them. Even throwing your biggest benefit at them probably won’t work if it’s not a benefit to them. Instead, lead with what you think is important to that customer and only talk about the benefits relevant to them. All of the other benefits, although nice, are irrelevant.

3. Focus on what happens after the sale rather than the product or service – Why do you visit an optician? Is it because you want glasses or because you want to see better? Why do you visit a mechanic? Is it because you need your car fixed or because you want be able to drive your car again? In both cases it’s the latter. The former is a means to getting to the latter.

Help the customer to see what they get as a result of using the product or service your’re selling. For example, we may normally say that ‘we’ll help you to increase your sales’. What we should be focusing on is telling them ‘that we’ll help you to create a  more profitable business’. Focusing on the after effects sounds much more interesting.

4. Reverse the sales pitch – In most cases products and services are pitched by saying something like ‘ We’ll help you to increase your sales by providing you with new sales techniques and this will lead to a more profitable business’. Change this to generate interest quickly.

Try something like ‘we want to help you become a more profitable business by showing you new sales techniques that will help you to increase your sales’. Leading with the after effect is much more motivational.

Try to avoid what your product does but focus on what it will mean for them. So, less ‘this washing up liquid washes lasts longer that all of the others’, and more ‘you will same money in the long term and this lasts longer than others’.

5. Use evidence to support the sale – Rather than just throwing benefits, think about using something to support your sale. Rather than say ‘This washing up liquid will wash your dishes quickly and lasts longer’, try using something like ‘many of our customers tell us that they save time and money with this brand as it lasts longer than others’. It’s about tapping into the emotional side rather than logic.

We hope you find these quick tips useful. You can get more sales by learning more of these tips and techniques on one of our sales training courses. You can learn more about the course on our sales skills training course page here.