Revolution Learning and Development Now in Ireland

ieflagGreat news, Revolution Learning and Development Ltd is now offering our full suite of training and development services in Ireland.

We’ve been operating in the UK since 2009, and since that time have grown steadily, offering high quality training and development services to our clients.

It’s always been in our longer term development plans to begin to offer services in Ireland, then eventually Europe and then who knows. But the time has come for us to take that initial step, and here we are. We’re really pleased to be here.

You can find details of what we do by taking a look through our Ireland website.

Our overall growth into Ireland will see us set up office there to manage the day to day business in Ireland; however, we want to ensure clients get value for money and until we are firmly established we’ll be running things from our head office in the North East of England. We’ve got a Dublin based number for clients in Ireland to call us on though, and you’ll only pay the call charges for calling that. That number is 01 554 9779.

We are really excited to be in Ireland and would love to talk to you about your training and development needs. If you need any help with what we do then just give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.