The New Normal in Business

the idea!Over the past few years Britain, the US, parts of Europe and other parts of the world have been in recession. It seems now though that things are starting to stabilize, but has business changed forever as a result? Is there a New Normal in Business? 

Our own business was set up at the beginning of the recession as where many others, and for us this is all we’ve ever known. We’ve also worked with countless organisations throughout the recession period who were around for a long time before the recession who seemed to have weathered the storm. But, as we know, many businesses have been hugely affected during this period meaning some of them have had to adapt significantly, others didn’t make it at all.

While we’ve been working with businesses recently, it seems as though they fall into a handful of categories:

1. The business has changed it processes, way of working, culture and attitude towards the way things are now and have accepted there is a New Normal. They understand that this is the way it is now and there is no going back.

2. Understands that business has changed and that there may be a new normal, but holding out making any changes in the hope that things will get back to how they were.

3. Ploughed on regardless, not made any changes and not really accepted that things have changed.

Regardless of what category they fall into, change has affected people in organisations dramatically.

This may be because the workforce has been reduced, processes made leaner to do things more efficiently, work is beginning to increase but resources haven’t through fear of it going backwards again. There are probably other countless feelings and emotions in people right now.

On our courses we hear a lot of people saying that ‘there is much more expected of me now, but I don’t get any additional time or resource’. ‘people have left and not been replaced and we are all taking up the slack of other peoples jobs’, ‘everyone is under so much pressure’.

We’ve also found that the role of the leader has changed. Leaders in this new normal don’t just lead and manage, they also have a list of tasks to complete along side their leadership responsibilities. This means there is less time to support, coach and develop the team.

We want to find out if there is really a New Normal. If this is the way things are always going to be, if we’ve got it wrong or if business will ever get back to being as it was?

Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting a whole range of questions on Twitter and our Facebook page about business today. We’d love for you to get involved and see, if together, we can solve some of the big business challenges you and your business are facing today. We want to hear from everyone, regardless of whether you are a CEO, business owner, manager or leader, customer service representative, receptionist, or cleaner. everyone has an opinion on what business is like today and we want to hear them all.

Is there a New Normal in Business? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Use the hash tag #busnewnormal to get involved in the discussion.