The Case for Good Customer Service

An isolated shot of a beautiful woman carrying shopping bagsThe past few weeks has taken more well-known names away from our high street and the blame in most cases being pointed toward the internet and how our shopping habits have changed.

But, is the internet damaging our high streets, or is it just damaging the high street business model?

Many of us still visit our high street stores even though we still buy on-line.  We buy on-line because of the convenience, but why do we shop on the high street?

Maybe it’s because you can touch and feel the items you are interested in buying, or maybe it’s because of the social aspect of being around other people while buying?

Either way, one thing that can switch many of us off from buying on the high street is if we don’t get the service we expect.  That is probably the big thing that keeps us, and our customers coming back for more.

It’s not just the high street that this affects.  It’s not just stores.  Restaurants, call centres and even online chat are places where service is delivered, and it’s through this service that customers will make the choice whether to come back to you again.

This is highly important when you are competing with others.  Sometimes the service that customers receive is the differentiator between them buying from you or from somewhere else in future.  It’s the difference between them telling 4 people about the good service they received or up to 20 people about the bad service they received.

Maybe you are saying ‘I already deliver excellent customer service’.  That’s great, but how do you measure it?

There are many things that you can do to check that you are delivering the right service to customers such as defining a set of customer service standards, carrying out customer surveys and even check out what your competitors are doing.  You can also develop the skills of your team through customer service skills training.

Remember, just because things are quiet, just because big names are disappearing of the high street, people still need things and in many cases want things.  People will still spend money.  It’s up to you to help them to decide to spend it with you and not your competitors.

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