Why Complete Performance Appraisals and Reviews?

Performance appraisals have been part of business for a very long time, but as businesses become leaner, for many the appraisal has lost its impact or is no longer completed at all.

Appraisals may be seen as a time waster, adding no value.  It might be seen as a process that created dead time as whilst conducting appraisals people are not being productive.

But, is there any value in completing appraisals?

Why should a business complete performance appraisals and reviews?

Performance appraisals may be time consuming, but the benefits far out weigh the negatives.

Why complete performance appraisals and reviews?

Appraisals allow an organisation to communicate the vision, helping team members to see what the business is aiming for.  Without this, it is hard for team members to buy into the vision and know what their role is in helping the business realise the vision.

Appraisals allow managers to set their team members clear goals and objectives.  This helps focus the team members efforts on what they should be working on and what they should be leaving.  It also motivates the team member to get out there and get things done.

Appraisals help people to check their progress.  Having clear objectives means everyone should be able to measure progress.

Appraisals help the business identify its top performers.  This means that the business can work on a succession planning programme, as well as learning more about what these people are doing that makes them such high performers.  These lessons could then be shared with others.

On the other hand, appraisals can identify those that are struggling or those that are consistently under-performing.  They help the organisation identify training and development needs, meaning training budgets are focused in the right areas.  They also provide evidence should the need to progress the individual through a HR process arise.

The big benefit is that conducting regular EFFECTIVE appraisals show individuals that the business is investing time in them, this is highly motivational.

The list of benefits could go on and on.  The benefits certainly out-weigh the negatives, and this is why businesses should complete performance appraisals and reviews.