Assertiveness Training Courses in Newcastle

We know that it’s tough sometimes to say no to people.  We know that sometimes people lack a little bit of self confidence and how that can affect their work and their lives.  We know that sometimes we bottle things up, when all we really want to do is express our feelings or we sometimes find it difficult to withhold our feelings and become angry.

We can help.

By attending one of our Assertiveness Training courses in Newcastle, we can provide you with the skills to deal with the points raised above.

Assertiveness is about being able to express your thoughts and feelings to others in a way that is non-confrontational.  It’s about being able to demonstrate control and confidence, no matter what the situation you face.

Assertiveness is not about being aggressive or passive, these are natural or ‘gut‘ based reactions.  Assertiveness is about taking control of your emotions and feelings, communicating with confidence and being able to ask for the things you want.  It’s about using a ‘controlled‘ reaction.

By learning how to be more assertive, you can:

  • Say no to people without feeling guilty
  • Express how you feel to to others in a non-confrontational way
  • Ask or the things that you want and need with confidence
  • Maintain control of your emotions in order to make rational decisions

When you attend one of our assertiveness training courses, you can be sure that your day will be packed full of useful ideas, techniques an approaches that will help you to become more assertive.

Your trainer will make the day fun and engaging, allowing you to learn the skills that you need in a down to earth way.  There will also be ample time for you to discuss your individual situations and also time to practice your new skills in a safe environment.

You can get the skills you need from our Assertiveness Skills Training Courses for only £249 ex VAT per person.

You can attend one of our open assertiveness training courses, or if you prefer we can run the course in house for up to 12 people.  Please contact us for more information on in-house courses.

Here’s what you will learn on one of our Assertiveness Training Courses:

Our Assertiveness Skills Training Course introduces and investigates the skills needed to be more assertive and communicate more effectively.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Be able to recognise Aggressive, Passive and Assertive behaviour
  • Understand where being assertive fits into your basic rights
  • Be able to apply the skills necessary to be more assertive


Assertiveness Skills Training Course Content

  • Defining what Assertiveness is
  • Understanding passive and aggressive behaviours
  • Using a range of assertive skills
  • Building relationships with others
  • Different assertive approaches


Course Benefits

Being able to communicate more confidently and  in an assertive way means you build more effective relationships. Rather than saying no all of the time, or being aggressive with others, being assertive allows you to get what you need without being pushy or stepping on others dignity.


Who Should Attendthis Assertiveness Skills Training Course?

Anyone who is looking to communicate more effectively and confidently with others.



Open Workshop – £249+VAT per person. 1 day workshop including lunch and a delegate workbook.

Delivered to your organisation – Contact us to talk about your requirements and for a no obligation quote.


Assertiveness Skills Training Course – Session Breakdown

What is Assertiveness?

  • An introduction to what Assertiveness is and what it means
  • Why be assertive?


Aggressive and Passive Behaviours

  • Understanding what assertiveness is not
  • Looking at gut reactions and controlled reactions
  • Understanding the link between these behaviours


Assertive Behaviour

  • How to use different skills and behaviour to be assertive
  • How to communicate more confidently
  • How to use a controlled response and not a gut reaction


Assertiveness and Relationships with others

  • Understanding where gut reactions and unconscious reactions come from
  • Understanding how our reactions can drive aggressive and passive behaviours in others


Different Ways of Being Assertive

  • Bill of rights – What is this and what does it mean?
  • Broken Record
  • I statements
  • Power Words
  • Giving feedback


Assertiveness Skills Training Course Information

This is a one day training event that Revolution Learning and Development deliver on an open basis at locations across the UK. We can also deliver this even at or in near to your organisation if required.

If you choose to have us deliver this specifically for your organisation, we can make this more bespoke to your needs.

The cost of our open courses includes the learning materials, refreshments during the day and lunch.

To book a space on this Assertiveness Skills Training Course, complete the form on the event page by clicking on one of the links below, or call 03333 444575.

Or, to discuss your needs, email us through the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website or call us on the number above.

Booking terms and conditions apply.


When are our Assertiveness Training Courses happening in Newcastle?

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