Management Tips – Identify Your Unique Skills

We all have at least one disruptive skills – an ability that sets us apart from others.  You may have been honing us for years, or you may be so good at it you don’t even notice it.

Knowing and understanding your unique skills is a great thing to do.  Knowing what these skills are can be massively helpful, and once you know what they are you can begin to use them to your strengths.

Here are some ways to identify your unique skills:

Be more aware of what you are good at – Some of the things we do that we are good at we may do unconsciously.  Spend some time looking at what you do from a conscious point of view.  A good way to spot them is when you feel successful, happy and invigorated.  When you feel like that you know you are doing a good job.

Listen to feedback – When someone tells you that you are doing something well, take it on board.  Ask questions to fully understand what it is you are doing – was it behavoural, skills based, process based or a mixture of them all?

Look at the everyday things, not for the extraordinary – Sometimes these skills are entwined in the everyday things that we do, when we aren’t trying and as mentioned earlier unconsciously.

If you need help identifying skills that you may have, and those that you would like but know you don’t have, attending one of our Open Training Courses can help.  Take a look at the course schedule by clicking here.