Management Tips – Change Your Behaviour

Developing your self as a leader isn’t as easy as what you may think.  Changing your behaviour can be hard, frustrating and time consuming.

There are though some road blocks that may exist, that i removed, can make your route to self development and improvement easier:

Be Patient – Don’t expect to see results immediately.  Yes attend training, get coaching and mentoring, out don’t expect them to make an immediate impact.  Things take time, and in fact most learning about behaviour comes from experience and not in a classroom.

Take Responsibility for Your development – Don’t leave it to others to provide you with the skills you need.  Get it into your mind that you are the person who needs to get out there and get the skills.  You need to make things happen.

Choose the right mindset – Beliefs can be a funny thing.  The more we tell ourselves we can’t do something, the more we actually can’t do it.  Believe in your ability to change and improve and you should see that you achieve more.

Accept It Will Be Challenging – Real behavioura l change takes time and hard work.  Be prepared to face challenges you don’t foresee and deal with them head on.  Don’t let them slow you down.

Don’t Get Distracted – Things may come up that seem more important and you may feel as though those things need your attention. Remember that change and development isn’t your full time job, it should be weaved into everything that you do.  You can learn from every experience.

Maintain Traction – Once you begin to see a change, don’t assume you are there.  There is no ‘glass ceiling’ when it comes to developing yourself,  keep going – who knows where you may end up.

Good Luck With Your Development.


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