Management Tips – Managing Your Energy

As businesses demand more from people who work within in it, employees have to try and keep up.

You can’t make the day any longer but can do some things to attempt to replenish your energy.

Here are for simple things that you can do to help you work smarter and prevent yourself from burning out:

Take regular breaks – This almost seems counter productive when you are busy, but getting away from your desk or away from the task you are working on will help you to come back to things with a fresh view.  Take a few minutes, grab a drink or just a quick wander to another part of the office, then come back and stuck back in to things.

Say thank you to people – Being generally positive can boost your energy levels.  It makes you feel good and others feel good.  They may even compliment you back making this process even better,

Reduce Interruptions – Carry out those tasks that need real concentration away from phones and e-mail.  Move to somewhere else or switch them all off.  If something is an emergency, that person will find a way to get in touch with you.

Do the things you like – Try to find the things you like doing and understand the things that wear you out.  Do more of the stuff you like and re-frame the things that you don’t.  Look for the benefit TO YOU in all tasks.

For more help and information about the above, take a look at our Time Management Workshops,  Click here to look at our Time Management Information Page.