Management Tips – Increase Your Productivity

Being productive can be difficult when the pressure is on, but businesses today are looking for us to be more productive as much as possible.

The more productive we try to be, the worse we feel, in fact many of us burn out.

Here are some things you can do to try and get more out of your day:

Keep one to do list:  Include everything you need or want to do in one place.  Don’t have some things in a diary, some on post-it’s stuck on your PC and others in a list in your pocket.  Put everything in one place.  Writing things down helps get it from a thought in your mind to a structured list that you can focus on.

Do the important things first:  Before you leave the office on an evening, think about what the first things are that you will do in the morning.  What are the most important things that you need to do, then do those things first thing.  Use a prioritisiation tool to help you to understand what those important things are.

Schedule time for non-urgent things:  It can be easy to get caught up in the pressing issues.  Block out time in your diary for the things that are not important (the things that usually get squeezed out.  Draw up a plan of all of the regular tasks that you need to do and plan them into your diary.

To-do lists are great things, but only if you make some progress and actually tick things off them.  Be disciplined and use the following tips to help:

Get three things done before lunch:  Seeing your self making progress will put you in the mind set that you are making progress.  Knowing that you have accomplished things will make you more likely to want to do more in the afternoon.

Break tasks down:  Looking at one big project can be quite daunting and causes us to procrastinate.  Break tasks down into smaller chunks and set yourself goals towards those, maybe even hourly targets.

Do similar things together:  Our mind strived on repetitiveness, even if we do find it personally boring.  Build momentum by doing similar things at the same time.

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