Our Philosophy

We want you to fully understand what you get from us when you choose to work with us.  That’s why we have created our philosophy.

It aims to provide you with an idea of what we are all about, how we operate, what we believe in and the type of service you will receive from us.

So, here goes:

Our Mission

‘To make fun, engaging and affordable training and development available to everyone’

We do this by ensuring that we offer a huge calendar of Open Training Courses available across the country.  We want to be where you are.  We ensure that our prices don’t break the bank and that you don’t have to pay a fortune to travel.

We also have a large network of Associate Trainers across the country.  We trust these people to deliver a service that matches our own vision and values.

We’ve met them all, we’ve assessed them all and will continue to do this to ensure that our promises to you are met – every time.

Having a network of people across the country means we can deliver in-house courses and provide training and development consultancy at very competitive rates.  That’s because we don’t have the expense of providing hotels and paying huge travel bills.  Our trainers are local to you.

Fun and engagement is added to everything we do, from our marketing to our training courses.


What We Believe In

  • We believe that people should not be taught, they should be guided.  We were taught at school, we are adults now and should be allowed to develop our own ideas.  That’s why we encourage engagement in every session.
  • We believe that learning should be fun, regardless of the subject.  We inject fun into everything and our people have been selected on their ability to do this, as well as being knowledgeable in their subject area.
  • We believe that training solutions should be affordable.  We ensure our prices are competitive at all times.
  • We believe we should deliver what people need, not what we think they need.  We work closely with people to understand what difference they are trying to make through training solutions.  We develop our solutions to bridge those gaps to ensure you get real value for money.
  • We believe that training isn’t a tick box exercise.  We ensure that delegates have a clear action plan when they leave us, ensuring they can put their learning into action.


Our Values

We work to a set of values and every interaction we have with clients should meet or exceed these values. All of out team members know what the values are, and their work is expected to meet these. Our values are:

Customer Focused – You are the centre of our business and we must do what ever we can to exceed your expectations when it comes to service, quality and price.

Results Driven – We are here to deliver results. We don’t take short cuts to cut costs. We believe that we can deliver results without impacting on quality.

Forward Thinking – We will utilise the most up to date methodology and approaches to deliver your intervention.

Exciting – We want to blow you away with our enthusiasm, and we want to breed enthusiasm. This should be seen in everything that we do.


Like what we are about?  Then lets talk.  Click here to get in touch to talk to us more about your needs and what we can do to help.