Supporting the Seaham Mary Portas Pilot Bid

News channels have recently being reporting that the government have made a pot of funds available that will be split across 12 towns to help improve their high streets.  The government have appointed Mary Portas, the Customer Experience Guru as the person who will lead the project.

Over 350 towns submitted proposals in the first round of applications and one of the towns, Seaham where Revolution Learning and Development Ltd is based was one of them.

Unfortunately Seaham was not successful in their application; however, undeterred they are submitting and application for the second round.

We want to throw our support behind this bid.  As a growing business ourselves we want the town we are based in to succeed.  Although we are not directly affected by the decline in high street shopping due to the nature of the services we offer, our overall service is about supporting businesses to succeed – both directly and indirectly where we can.

That is why we will be throwing our support behind this bid.  We will do what ever we can to help and support those submitting the bid and what we can do if the bid is successful or unsuccessful.

The team submitting the bid have created a viral video to support their application which you can see below.

Also, take a look at the Facebook page at