The Value of Training

I had a very investing conversation today with a delegate on one of my courses about how they feel as though training in their business is becoming a tick in the box process.

Every time someone in their business feels as though they are struggling with something they are told to go on a course.

You might think that this is great for us being a training provider, it means we get more people onto courses. This maybe true but it goes right against my own and the companies values.

If a business has an infinite amount of money to throw at training (this is a company I would love to meet) then great. I really believe that businesses should be investing in the Value of Training and not the value of The Training Course.

What I mean by this is that when someone in a business has some development needs, the person shouldn’t just be told to book a training course. The person and their manager should have a conversation about the development needs and identify if it is a need for training or if another development intervention, i.e. coaching could be used instead.

If it is a training need, then a business should do its research into the types of courses available and the training providers running them. Don’t just pick the next one that is available, be sure to look at the course objectives and ensure that they meet the development needs identified. Also, look for feedback on the provider. Be sure if you can to check past feedback, you don’t want a provider who only does tick in the box as this will be just the same as what your business may have originally done.

Our advice is also to never book a course online without talking to the provider. Give them a call or drop them an email and ask lots of questions to ensure that the course meets your needs. Remember, invest in the training and not in the training course.

Also check to see if the course offers time for you to build an action plan. Effective courses will always have time to build an action plan and the trainer should help you to do this. Learning is only effective if it can be transferred back into the workplace and the action plan you develop should support how you are going to do this.

If your business has a development needs stretching across a group of people, then consider an in house course. These can be much more cost effective and can be tailored more toward your organisation.

Again, choose carefully. If a provider wants to run an off the shelf course, ensure you ask lots of questions to ensure it meets your specific needs. If they want to charge you to amend an off the shelf course to meet your needs, again check that it will.

At Revolution Learning and Development we are committed to doing things right. We actively encourage delegates considering attending our courses to contact us and talk through the course content to ensure it meets their needs. We have been honest with people in the past and told them the course probably is not for them.

We ensure that every open workshop or in house course we do allows ample time for people to carry out action planning. We want people to transfer learning back so we always look at learning theory then question how people can take that back to the real world and make it work for them.

If we need to make amendments to an off the shelf course to make align more to your business or need, we do not charge any extra for this work. If we need to develop something bespoke we are very open an honest with our pricing.

We want to do things right and we want to ensure that every one of our clients and delegates get the best possible value and results from their training courses.