Find Your Drive and Motivation and Don’t be a Plodder

I’ve recently began to read Duncan Bannatyne’s Book ‘Anyone Can Do It: My Story’ and have found some real inspiration from it which I wanted to share. It’s helped me to see a few things a bit more clearly as well as helping to take a step back and look at myself and my business in a different way.

I’m not a prolific reader, but recently have found myself reading books by great entrepreneurs such as Duncan and Lord Alan Sugar and they have really inspired me.

In my roles as an employed trainer and also running my own training business I’ve come across a certain type of person on a number of occasions. The type of person that comes to work, does the bare minimum or what’s expected of them and go home. The type of person who has no aspirations to be promoted or move forward. They are just happy where they are.

I call this type of person a ‘Plodder’. Please don’t get me wrong, if every person in a business was plodder it would be great. Everything would get done and things would be achieved. However, it take people with drive and determination to make a business truly successful. They are the people that go above and beyond and make an organisation truly amazing.

I’ve never seen myself as a plodder. I’ve always strived for more. When I set up my business, I never wanted to get mega rich from it, I just wanted to be comfortable.

By business is going well and things are comfortable, but after reading Duncan’s book I’ve started to wonder, have I become a Plodder?

I’ve took a look at what I’m doing, and since starting my business a lot has changed. I got engaged, I’ve moved in with my beautiful Finace and am feeling very settled and content.

But, thinking about my business, I have become a Plodder. Because things are so comfortable I’m not doing anything extra ordinary to make it any better. It’s comfortable at the minute, but if I’m not making any effort to drive it forward, I’m wondering what the impact in future may be.

I said I never wanted to get rich from it, and I still don’t and maybe never will. But, is that attitude driving me to be a Plodder. I think so.

Maybe I should be thinking I want to be rich and successful. Maybe that should be the vision I have. Maybe this will drive me to follow up on leads, look for new ideas, search for new business and all of the other things an amazing business delivers.

OK, so being a millionaire isn’t impossible, lots of people have proved that. I haven’t had a bad upbringing or come from a very poor background like some of these inspirational stories. I never went without, but then again I never really asked for anything. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and had the value of working hard to get what you want very much instilled into me.

But, I guess we all need something to strive for. A goal, a vision a target. Maybe for a business owner comfortable isn’t enough.

Looking at the success stories, these guys all had visions, goals and targets. They all wanted to make a difference to their lives and it was the vision that they had they drove them to this.

So, what about Plodders in organisations. How can we motivate them to want more? How can we motivate ourselves to want more?

At the risk of repeating it all, I wrote a Blog post some time ago after reading The Tao of Motivation by Max Landsberg. This experience has taken me straight back to this and reminded me of the thoughts I had back then. It was on an old Blog and can’t seem to find it. I will dig it out and post it soon. If you haven’t read this book, you should.

I certainly am not going to be a Plodder any more. I have new drive and determination and have some new ideas. These ideas are very much in motion and will be posting about some key changes to the business that will be happening from the 1st of July.

Maybe it won’t work, but I need to have belief. I had the pleasure a few years ago of meeting, albeit for a very short period of time, Richard Branson. I remember asking him nervously what made him so successful. His reply was simple, if you have good idea, and truly believe its a good idea don’t give up.

Thanks Duncan for your inspiration, and to all of the others who’s words inspire me and many others.

Best Wishes


Managing Director

Revolution Learning and Development Ltd